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We are a team of webtoon artists, MIT and Berkeley engineers building a brand new comics platform. See open positions.




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Reinventing how comics are made and published. By whom.

Traditionally, developing and shipping a web comics series takes months, and creating a single chapter involves weeks of work by multiple artists. We're changing the game by turning months into days for series development, and weeks into just a day for chapter creation. Additionally, we've streamlined the process so effectively that it now requires only one person, regardless of their drawing skill level.

We are empowering the ultimate bedroom creator to turn their hobby into an audience and income.

  • In-house AI technology uniquely optimized for comics creation.
  • Founders are webtoon creators and AI researchers.
  • Women-led company, tailoring comics content for women.
  • 60K creators in open beta.
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Check out our open positions.

Are you a writer or artist passionate about web comics (Webtoon, Tapas app), web fiction (Wattpad, Goodnovel, Radish app), or bite-sized drama (ReelShort, FlexTV)? Join an innovative team that cares deeply about stories, art, and technology that supercharges creativity.

Founding Full Stack Engineer

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Story Lead

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Contract Series Writer

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Don't see a role for you?

Are you an engineer passionate about building experiences that 10x human creativity? Are you an AI researcher obsessed with Stable Diffusion, GANs, and are actively contributing to academia or the open source community?

Do you understand content? Have you grown a following from 0 to 1K on any platform? Do you know how to tell stories in 6 seconds in a vertical video?

Write to with the subject “Work at Shortbread”, and tell us about yourself. We are excited to meet you!

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